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You are simply not going to find a friendlier Irish Pub.

Irish Canadians and American Opportunity

Eat Drink & Be Irish!

Stephies Pub & Irish Eatery in Apopka FL

In 2022 Stephie and Paddy decided to move to Florida, enjoy the warmer temperatures and be around the many Florida friends they made over the years. Oh and enjoy avoiding the harsh winters of course.

They were looking for a business to buy to contribute to their new home in America and hire Americans and they found this location for sale.

Having retired they set about creating a comfortable, safe Irish pub that featured great traditional Irish pub food but not using grease fryers, grills and using air fryers, panini grills and convection ovens for a much healthier result.

Stephie is a Canadian girl from Ottawa Canada

She has run small and medium businesses most of her life.

This is her third very successful pub but the first solely owned by her. Stephie has owned two very successful bed and breakfasts. She is dedicated to serving her customers the best meals and beverages in a relaxing laid back setting.

Paddy's Irish Pub in the 1,000 Islands, Canada

Stephie and her husband Paddy started Paddys Pub in 1,000 islands Canada and were featured in many magazines including National Geographic Traveler magazine and were known for their live music venue as well.

Paddy's Pub and Irish Eatery in Kerrville TX

In 2005 they opened a second pub with the same success
in Kerrville Texas called: Paddy’s Pub & Irish Eatery 

After retiring in 2013 they moved to New Brunswick in 2020.

Chef Paddy Savage

Paddy has been the food industry since the 1970s and was the youngest liquor licensee in Canada. This chef who was certified as a Chef Garde Manger & Saucier has owned restaurants near Ottawa, Canada, The Crows Nest in Grand Cayman, and the two Paddys Pubs.

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